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Cold Air

Cold Air

Cold Air

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This product is great on hot summer days because it keeps you cold. Regardless of whatever you need our ice blower for your home or office, we have the right solution for you. Order your ice fan from Cold air and enjoy coldness when you need it the most. 
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  • Portable
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Custom LED lights!

Imagine to change the color whenever you want. With just a tap our product offers you 8 different colors to suit you every mood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Kavon Dach

Excellent if it feels a refreshing breeze when you put water with ice

Roberto Lebsack

Illustrative only Image, I have already bought 3 pieces, in excellent condition... they cool very well.

Harmony Feest

Great fan works very well and refreshes my place well.

Fannie Wisoky

The truth is very execlent product if it complies with what it says and refreshes the aviation very well

Hildegard Deckow

"This humidifier has become a real godsend for our home. It works silently, which allows you to use it even at night without any inconvenience. The device effectively humidifies the air, which is especially important in the heating season, when the air becomes dry. The humidifier design is stylish and compact, it easily fits into the interior of any room. Ease of use and care also deserves separate praise. Thanks to this humidifier, the air in our house became fresh and comfortable, which significantly improved our well-being. Very satisfied with the purchase and recommend to everyone who cares about their health and comfort!"